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How can you say Democracy works in a nation like this affected by and act like the US PATRIOT?

That’s too specific of an example.

Around the world, government policies are still dominated by the few, not the many. It’s dominated by rich families. By coporate lobbiests. By insane dictatorial families. By religious leaders. Generally, though, not the will of the people.

In fact, it is that the will of the people is so underwhelming that these things happen in dictatorships, democracies, republics, mob-states, communes and the like. The will of the people generally involves: “does my car work?” or “are the trains on time?”

As long as these things continue to be unaffected in day to day life for the common man (and by that I mean everyone who’s life isn’t involved in the goings on of D.C., or your respective nation’s capitol), then people will tend to still not care about what goes on there.

If the change in government types happens gradually enough, people will not notice. We are gradually becoming more and more fascist, arguably. Ask your friends and family. Chances are most of those whom you ask won’t see it that way. Show them how the government is becoming fascist thru things like the patriot act and other recent developments like this, and they might agree with you.

Will they do anything about it?

Probably not.

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