PopoBawa, the Sex-Mad Ghost

» From the Necrophilia Department

“Fear has struck residents of the ZanzibarIslandsafter rumours of the re-emergence of a sexually voracious ghost that attacks people while they sleep in their beds at night… The ghost or genie goes by the name of Popo Bawa and people believe that it sodomises its victims, most of whom are men. In recent years the residents on the semi-autonomous Tanzanian islands claimed that Popo Bawa only visited the islanders during voting, such as in the contentious general elections in 1995 and 2000. But to the surprise of many this current ghost has reappeared when there is no polling of any kind.” — BBC (UK)

Usually you think of necrophilia as sex with dead bodies, but here you have a kind of supernatural variant: sex with dead spirits. It would be tempting to say they’re all gay dead spirits, since they go around sodomizing men in their beds. But the political angle gives you pause. Hm, who doesn’t wake up the morning after an election — particularly in these two-bit countries where all the elections are corrupt anyway — feeling as though he’s been sodomized? Here in America, a lot of Democrats could no doubt sympathize with anyone claiming to be ass-raped by Popo Bawa, since they seem to feel like they were raped by a demon themselves. Call him Popo Dubya, maybe.