Tricked Brain Cells Live Hours without Oxygen

December 26, 2003 From Betterhumans: Exploiting their discovery about a mechanism that causes brain cells to die from stroke, researchers have found a way to keep brain cells alive for more than three hours without oxygen and nutrients.
The researchers found that when brain cells are deprived of oxygen and vital nutrients as a result of stroke, a channel called TRPM7 that resides on the surface of those brain cells is activated, triggering a lethal chain reaction. The researchers report that they have found a way to disrupt this cycle by interfering with the channel’s activity. While brain cells can only survive for a few minutes without oxygen, interfering with the activity of TRPM7 allows brain cells to survive for more than three hours without oxygen and vital nutrients. The researchers predict that it will take about three years to develop medications bases on these findings. The study is reported in the journal Cell. [ View source ] (posted by gpmap)

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