Today’s going to be a horrible day. I haven’t slept all night, and I have a full day of work ahead of me.

“Why haven’t you slept all night, Rizzn?” you may ask. My ex-girlfriend made me move out of the apartment I was staying in, because her parents own it, and when you are the princess of the castle, you can make things like that happen.

In case you were too drunk to get the message last night, Laura Colaner, hear me and hear me well: I never want to see you again. I’ve NEVER EVER heard out of anyone’s mouth the type of things you said to me. Furthermore, I never want to hear them again. I plan to accomplish this by never seeing you again.

If you show up on my doorstep, I will call the police. If you call my phone, I will block your number. If you email me or message me, you will be k-filed. Do. Not. Ever. Contact. Me. Again. You. Crazy. Bitch.

I’m sure at this point you have some little smug arrogant theory like you were trying to push on me last night why I’m behaving like this. Whatever floats your boat, think of whatever you want. I’m behaving like this because I’ve been lied to, as well as being mentally and emotionally abused. You’ve not only shown your capable of cruelty, malice, and spite as well as your inability to forgive, you’ve shown me that it is a major player in your general character. You act like you are being all selective when you say you don’t like characteristics about me and that’s why it won’t work, but do you think these are just fruits of the spirit about you that everyone will love because you are some sort of highrolling girl with a master’s degree?

And if you think this is too mean to be posted on a website about you, you should be glad I’m being nice enough to not post a blow-by-blow description of what exactly went on last night.


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