Since the gloves are off and all Laura’s “friends” decided to tag team me, I decided I’ll post the things from my private journal.

[ originally posted Dec. 29 ]

“Sabby” Style

1. Get over your ex-boyfriends.

2. Quit blaming your spitefulness on bad communication skills.

3. Don’t talk to me anymore. I don’t want to hear about how I stack up to your ex-boyfriends, especially in bed.

4. Don’t think we’ll just be friends anytime soon. I’ve never had an argument with my friends that degenerated into all the hurtful things you said. Never.

5. Next time you get in a relationship with someone,

a) if they are smart enough to know you feel morally and intellectually superior to them, reconsider whether or not you should be in a relationship with them.

b) or get into relationships with idiots.

6. If you want good sex, you should have sex more often than twice a month.

7. Get a job! You are so shielded from the real world it warps your perspective on life.

8. Or in the alternative, start dating some of the men your mom picks for you. They would be capable of providing the lifestyle you want without working the long hours you have such a big problem with.

9. You make me sick to my stomache. I physically feel like throwing up when you shove hurtful things in my face.

10. LEARN SOME TACT! Perhaps this is why you come back to the state of Florida and you can count all your friends on one hand.

11. Don’t do impressions of me acting stupid behind my back.

12. Most of my friends’ nickname for you is Yoko Ono.

[ originally posted Dec. 29 ]

slimeeluv: saw your website…that was a very nice touch.
slimeeluv: its nice to see exactly how cruel someone can be
rizzn.geo: hah
rizzn.geo: once again, your arrogance in assuming i was referring to you in anything i posted today.
slimeeluv: thats nice
rizzn.geo: i’m still not over all the crap you said last night.
rizzn.geo: \speaking of cruelty.
rizzn.geo: if you really feel that way, and you really care, you could have phrased it with a bit more sensitivity.
rizzn.geo: i can chalk some things up to difficulty with communication skills.
rizzn.geo: but that was plain spiteful.
slimeeluv: if you werent so into yourself all the time, you wouldnt have pushed it to that point
rizzn.geo: whatever
slimeeluv: no, its true. you let things go that far
slimeeluv: and you know im not happy at times
rizzn.geo: next you’ll be saying i wrote the script.
slimeeluv: you do not do anything to acknowledge it
slimeeluv: so maybe im really not happy for who knows what reasons
rizzn.geo: it’s not that i don’t acknowlege it.
rizzn.geo: it’s that you refuse to talk about it.
rizzn.geo: and then you take out all your frustrations on me.
rizzn.geo: how can i not respond?
slimeeluv: just forget about it…youre not in any mode to talk about anything constructively
rizzn.geo: whatever.
slimeeluv: youre just angry
rizzn.geo: no shit, i’m angry.
rizzn.geo: you’d be angry too if the roles were reversed.
slimeeluv: and?
slimeeluv: exactly what are you angry about?
slimeeluv: i struggle to not tell you certain tings
slimeeluv: to protect you
rizzn.geo: i’m angry that what you communicate is nothing but a ball of paradoxes.
slimeeluv: though you arent afraid of saying nasty things to me
slimeeluv: why should i strive to protect you as i do?
slimeeluv: paradoxes?
slimeeluv: of course they are
slimeeluv: if i were direct in my opinions that wouldnt be good
rizzn.geo: you strive to avoid saying nasty things to me? that’s good for a laugh.
slimeeluv: like the sex
slimeeluv: the sex is crappy
slimeeluv: there you go
slimeeluv: are you happpy now?
rizzn.geo: bite me.
slimeeluv: no im just being honest
slimeeluv: that is all
rizzn.geo: so am i
slimeeluv: ive done my best
slimeeluv: really i have
rizzn.geo: i’m done, laura
rizzn.geo: you happy now?
slimeeluv: to not say anything
rizzn.geo: we’re done
slimeeluv: then be done
slimeeluv: that is fine
slimeeluv: thats a good idea
rizzn.geo: i’ll be moving out as soon as i find a new place.
slimeeluv: its obviously what you want
rizzn.geo: you are a spiteful woman.
rizzn.geo: call me a coward
rizzn.geo: but i can’t take you anymore.
rizzn.geo: you bottle things up inside.
slimeeluv: im probably way to much for anyone to stand
rizzn.geo: when you finally get to what you have to say it comes out like this.
rizzn.geo: i can’t live with it anymore.
slimeeluv: you had opportunities to ask about it
rizzn.geo: nothing i ever do is good enough
slimeeluv: to show interest
rizzn.geo: i do, woman
rizzn.geo: i ask all the damn time
rizzn.geo: it’s always the same response.
rizzn.geo: i don’t want to talk about it with you.
rizzn.geo: you can’t understand
rizzn.geo: blah blah blah
slimeeluv: how do i tell someone they dont satisfy me or something like that
slimeeluv: how do i break that to someone
slimeeluv: when it isnt their fault for some reasons
rizzn.geo: here’s an idea.,
rizzn.geo: do what most people do: make suggestions or even better, brainstorm what to do to fix the problem.
rizzn.geo: that’s too hard
slimeeluv: but you knew there was aproblem
rizzn.geo: it’s better to think about about it, stew over it, then ruin a relationship.
slimeeluv: youve known it
rizzn.geo: you know what the problem is?
slimeeluv: all along
rizzn.geo: we’ve had sex maybe four times in two months.
rizzn.geo: any wonder i shoot off like a rocket every time?
rizzn.geo: you certainly didn’t complain the first month we were together when were having sex six times a day.
rizzn.geo: good god, put 2 and 2 together.
slimeeluv: yes, but its your responsibility to some degree
slimeeluv: you know that
slimeeluv: do not blame it all on me
rizzn.geo: it takes two to tango, yes.
slimeeluv: your penis is your responisbility
rizzn.geo: you being a cold fish is your responsibility.
slimeeluv: its a matter of personal standards
rizzn.geo: did you hear me making an issue of it?
rizzn.geo: fuck off.
rizzn.geo: don’t tell me i’m not good enough for you.
slimeeluv: i have never said that
rizzn.geo: you were about to.
slimeeluv: no
rizzn.geo: it’s a matter of personal standars — and I don’t measure up.
rizzn.geo: and you have said that before.
rizzn.geo: i’m not near as good as your INSANE ex-boyfriends.
slimeeluv: no, a matter of personal standards to ones own person
slimeeluv: damn he was good
rizzn.geo: rfuck OFF!
rizzn.geo: don’t talk to me
slimeeluv: but it wasnt enough to build a relationship
rizzn.geo: don’t talk to me anymore
slimeeluv: i am obviously too destroyed to be in a relationship with anyone
slimeeluv: i have struggled to not say anything

eeluv: im too obliterated i suppose, still.
slimeeluv: it it probably better that we just not try to be in a relationship anymore
slimeeluv: we would get along better as friends… honestly, there has been a heavy amount of strain here because that is about how i feel toward you
slimeeluv: im sure what i said last night was a little harsh, but it was what you requested
*** Auto-response sent to slimeeluv: I am currently idle.

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