Transhumanity – news and views from the transhumanist community: “Spirit Mars Rover Lands Safely on Mars

January 04, 2004 From Bursts of applause broke out of mission control as the Spirit spacecraft began to feel the heat from atmospheric entry. Follow-on signals from Spirit told Earth operations that the parachute was fully deployed, with radar locking onto the Martian surface as the craft raced toward the surface. Signals received from Spirit indicated that the spacecraft was alive on the ground and bouncing, perhaps bounding across the rocky terrain for several miles.

Initial thoughts are that a first image from the rover may well be available later tonight. NASA dual Mars Exploration Rover project—Spirit and still en route Opportunity—are designed to build upon a legacy of earlier discoveries about Mars. The two specially-equipped robots were hurled toward Mars to gain new insights regarding the history of environments on the planet—perhaps hospitable to life in the past or possibly today. “

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