“‘Dr. Ava Cadell is currently researching how to make a man have a ‘trigasm’ — a full-body climax that is reportedly more intense than the normal male orgasm. She says many women reach the ‘trigasm’ from having their g-spot, clitoris and anus stimulated simultaneously, but doing the same for men requires a shift in thinking. That’s because a male ‘trigasm’ is less localized than the usual kind. She says it’s ‘felt from the top of the head to the tip of the toes and lasts three times as long.’ Cadell hopes to first find out if gay men orgasm differently than straight guys, so she’s doing hands-on research with a prototype vibrator. It features a suction cup for the penis (dick enlargement pills), a small vibrator on the testicles and one for the anus, and if it rubs test audiences the right way, Cadell hopes to have it on the market by summer.’ — NCBuy.com (US)

As advances in cognitive science, neurology, and sexology demystify the physiological processes underlying orgasm, it seems perfectly plausible that researchers will learn how to create better and perhaps even new types of climaxes. Orgasm will cease to be that provincial phenomenon, an affair of the crotch, and will expand to encompass the entire body — but where can it go after that? Just as personal computers have come to be connected by networks, perhaps people will join together in climax groups. Their nervous systems will be temporarily conjoined, and rather than have a full-body orgasm they’ll have a mob throb.

Posted on January 05, 2004 at 10:55 PM”

[ Rizzn’s Note: A very academic commentary from PervScan, but am I the only one who noticed that she’s doing hands on research? I wonder if she’s getting government funding for this? Or heck, even private funding? I mean, it’s essentially a sex-service for men under the guise of research.

Her website lists her as a “Certified Clinical Sexologist.” How long will it be before it’s a simple certification course (i.e. MCSE) to become a certified clinical sexologist, and all the hookers in America save up the cash from two b.j’s and an anal to make their craft legal in all 50 states?

I dunno, maybe I’m just cynical. ]

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