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I’m not sure why I’m writing another one today. I’m just really bored, and there are no calls coming in.

My buddy P. up at work here is going to hand me two very cool cds he burned last night for me. They will have the first 30 episodes of Robotech on them. Lubly Jubly! Finally, my collection will be complete! muwha ha and all that.

[rizzn pauses to read from his samurai handbook]

P. just waLked by my cube with some bad news. My Robotech cds aren’t coming along as planned, the burner keeps eating my brand of cds. and P. was munching on a bag of “Dolphins and Friends.” I wonder if it’s made from real dolphins.

Crap, this stupid user calling me up about her dumb little dictionary file is interrupting my samurai training.

“Don’t Whiz on the electric fence.”

BTW, hi, how you doing, Reality.

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