NASA Web Portal Gets 1 Billion Hits on Mars Interest (Update1) : “Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) — NASA’s Internet portal has received more than 1 billion hits since early Saturday as global interest has climbed in the initial days of the U.S. robot explorer Spirit’s mission on Mars, the agency said. “

“The tally includes the space agency’s home page, its human space flight pages and the Mars mission site. By early yesterday, users had downloaded enough information to fill about 20,000 compact discs, NASA said. More than 250,000 people watched some of the television coverage of the Mars exploration broadcast by NASA on its Web site, the agency said. “

[ rizzn’s note: Why does the media have this obsession with quantifying the size of data with books, compact discs, libraries, and stacks of paper to the moon and back? Why don’t they just say

1,600,000 megabytes, or if they want to get really impressive with it, say 13,421,772,800,000 bits.

In other news, I think it’s cool that space fever is catching again.]

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