Imagine my embarrassment. No, wait, imagine HER embarrassment …

My life is so far removed from pop culture that I actually thought THE Jason Alexander married Britney Spears. As it turns out, it’s this Jason Alexander. I keep saying this, but maybe its true — perhaps I should broaden my news filters a little bit.

Britney Spears to annul marriage to Jason Alexander

Pop princess Britney Spears will be single again on Monday after a madcap marriage over the weekend, US media reported.

Spears and childhood friend Jason Alexander, both 22, filed for an annulment on Sunday after tying the knot before dawn on Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The couple “took a joke too far by getting married”, said a statement issued on Sunday by the singer’s recording label, Jive Records, according to USA Today.

“Ms Spears and Mr Alexander have filed for an annulment, which will become official on Monday,” the statement said.

The two apparently decided to marry while partying at the Palms Casino Hotel on Friday night, and did so at a get-hitched-quick joint on the Las Vegas Strip, after stopping by a courthouse for a marriage license.

Spears reportedly wore torn jeans and a baseball cap and was escorted down the aisle by a hotel bellman.

She was not drunk at the time, Palms Casino owner and Britney pal George Maloof insisted.

“None of those reports were accurate,” Maloof told Entertainment Tonight. “She was just having a good time.”

The groom was back in Kentwood, Louisiana, on Sunday, which is also Spears’ hometown.

“He’d been through a lot. We picked him up in New Orleans coming back and he didn’t have much to say,” his grandfather told Entertainment Tonight.

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