N. Korea Offers to Halt Work at Graphite-Rod Reactors: “N. Korea Offers to Halt Work at Graphite-Rod Reactors (Update2) “:

Jan. 12 (Bloomberg) — North Korea today said it will halt all activity at graphite-rod reactors, where it made material for weapons, as a first step toward an agreement to give up its nuclear program.

North Korea will freeze nuclear weapons development in exchange for U.S. agreement on a “package deal” giving North Korea compensation, the official Korean Central News Agency said.

The country “is willing to freeze its nuclear activities based on the graphite-moderated reactors as a starting point for the denuclearization of the country,” the agency said, citing an unidentified Foreign Ministry spokesman.

U.S. intelligence estimates indicated North Korea had obtained enough weapons-grade plutonium during the 1980s to make one or two nuclear weapons, the Washington Post said in yesterday’s report.

In the so-called Agreed Framework, North Korea pledged to scrap graphite reactors tied to a nuclear arms effort. The U.S., Japan and South Korea committed themselves to build electricity- generating nuclear reactors in North Korea and to deliver enough fuel oil for the country’s energy needs until they were ready.

That agreement began to unravel in October 2002 when the U.S. said North Korean officials disclosed the country was enriching uranium, a step required to build a nuclear weapon. Fuel shipments stopped two months later, followed by the halt in construction of the U.S.-backed reactors.

[ Rizzn’s Note: My only thought is — WOT THE HELL? The Prime Minister of N. Korea is so unpredictable and crazy in his foreign policy, he makes Dubya look sane. ]

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