More Old School Rizzn (, 1-12-01)
Dear Diary,

Why don’t we all just admit we aren’t really as grown up as we pretend to be. Sheesh, we’re scaring the children.

Every day I read the news (well, not every day, but almost every day). I read the news and I think, wow, what weighty issues. Things happening by and because of grownups in other important places doing big things.

Then I pause. I pause and I look at me (like in a mirror or a reflection or something). I’m a grown-up. Mostly.

Well, theoretically I am.

I’m of legal age. I can drink beer, smoke cigs, both legally, and I’ll get thrown in jail if have sex with a minor. If I commit a crime I am prosecuted as an adult. Iunderstand the world around me, I have a good job that pays middle class status for me.

So for all intents and purposes, I am a grown-up.

I work with grown-ups, I see them, I buy things from them, I talk to them.

Grown-ups are just tall versions of children (and some grownups aren’t even tall!). I don’t know when this magic maturity button gets pushed on people, but I know people from the age of 3 to the age of 47, and they are all on about the same basic maturity level. Just about all of them are looking out for number one, while trying not to step in number two.

So if everyone you know is essentially a child in a grown up body with childish concerns, what makes our society so great? What makes people so important? I think when you come to this realization there are things you can take away from it that are positive. The realization that every corporation/social gathering is just like high school should give you some confidence. The first thought is that "Oh crap, great, my "favorite" time of life was high school, now I have my whole life to look forward to this. whoop. ee." But what you should think is, "Oh GREAT! I have always thought that if I went back to highschool I would have the run of the place, knowing what I know now."

Anyways, this entry has kindof fizzled out, but do you get what I’m saying? Basically everyone from the president to the police to Bill Gates to you and me. We are just like we were when we were kids, except we know a bit more, we have seen a few things, and we have big bodies. I mean you hear over and over, you can’t change people. By inference you can say, people don’t change. If you look around, you see the same people doing the same things they were doing years ago, just with more expensive toys, and more riding on the line.

So with THAT in mind, why worry so much about the opinion of others.

They’re just kids anyways.


Quote of the Entry: “I would once again like to express my dislike of the tendencies of the human race.”
– kat

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