Oscar Screener Leak Traced
Posted by michael on Tuesday January 13, @04:01PM
from the dumpster-diving dept.
EvilLiberalGuy writes “CNN has an article about a leak of a screener copy of ‘Something’s Gotta Give’. They are reporting that ‘visible and hidden markings on the videocassette copy on the Internet identify it as the one sent to Carmine Caridi, a film and television actor’. Apparently this didn’t stop the leak from happening in this case, but will it result in actions against Caridi and make others think twice before leaking films to the net?”

Old People Today!
by JohnGrahamCumming (684871) * on Tuesday January 13, @04:02PM (#7965931)
(http://www.jgc.org/ | Last Journal: Friday August 22, @11:31AM)
You know when I was a lad you could trust a policeman to get you to the church on time, but seems that now even 69 year old actors like Carmine Caridi [ imdb.com ] can’t be trusted not to digitize and upload screeners they get sent to the Internet.

These geriatric hooligans are ruining the Internet for the rest of us. The problem is they’ve got time on their hands, they retire and if they’re not out on the streets selling drugs, they’re at home violating copyrights on Kazaa.

Have they no shame!

I say bring back compulsory military service for the over 60s. They need a dose of good-old military discipline to whip them into shape. And if that doesn’t work then cut off their supply of Tums.

Harsh I know, but it’s the only language that they understand.


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