Matrix-Style Brain Interface Closer To Reality
Posted by timothy on Wednesday January 14, @03:24PM
from the be-your-own-neo dept.
atkulp writes “According to this Wired article, a private company, Cyberkinetics is seeking permission from the FDA to test a product called BrainGate that implants in the brain and can control actions on a computer. So far it works for monkeys and they’d like to see it as viable for quadriplegics and others in need. How soon until anyone can become the ultimate expansion card? Sign me up!”

So far it works for monkeys… Can they use it to teach the monkeys to program? That would make them the ultimate code monkeys!

One time I hired a code monkey to write code for me at work. I would just sit there with my mind a complete blank while the monkey typed on a little keyboard. At the end of the project my boss said “Team, I want you to give a presentation on your code.” So I made some PowerPoint slides that said “Hello, my name is Bingo. I like to climb on things. Can I have a banana? Eek eek.” I got fired and my job was transferred to India. When I told my wife about it she said, “I told you, never trust a monkey!” The end.

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