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And now for today’s Old School Rizzn. As it turns out, I was recieving hatemail at this time in 2001 as well, but not from a maniacal ex girlfriend. No, this one came from some random emailer who came across my website, much like the Slimee Ditto Heads that posted THEIR idiocy all over my website. Hey, come to think of it, their writing styles are quite similar. I wonder if these Slimee Ditto Heads have been e-stalking me all these years. hrmm.
Old School Rizzn (from 1-15-2001)
Dear Diary,

chuck had this to say...

and not to mention that your java is for peice of shit show offs, because im sure yo got it off a site that provides free java scripts do your d&d friends think you are some asshole computer fucking wizard.

I got the biggest belly laugh I have had in ages from the above. Finally, what we need in life, someone to tell it like it is:
a) I suck, b) I am ugly, c) My Diary is Sh!t, d) and I am a nerd, in addition, e) my java was show off and ripped, f) my d&d friends think I’m some sort of computer fscking wizard.

A, B, and C are kinda subjective, so I can’t disagree with you there. D, I admit I’m a nerd, E, My javaSCRIPT (fsck off, I don’t do java, that crappy excuse for a programming language) WAS ripped because I didn’t want to re-invent the wheel, and F, my D&D friends DO think I’m some sort of ‘computer fscking wizard.’

So where’s the insult? I mean, I know you are going around trying to insult people because you think trolling is cool. Truth is you’re an attention-whore.

Bubye now.

Anyways, kindof a lazy weekend. I wanted to have some fun, but the bank screwed me again. I’ve ranted and raved about how great banks are in the past, and yes, this is another time when I’m going to do that.


Boxes are for money, not banks.

Okay, Rizzn, what did the bank do to you this time?

They closed my fscking account!!!! Right after I deposited like 2000 bucks in it! What the crap!?!

I swear, banks screw with me more than any other person I know. The crappiest part is that I can’t do anything about it until TUESDAY becaus the only institution in the friggin world to close on MArtin Luther King Jr. day is guess who? The banks!!@! @#$@@#$@#$@!*(^*

I hate banks.

If they throw me out of the bank again, I swear, I’m going to have to come back with a gun, and you’ll read about me in the news. Banks SUCK!

Calm Rizzn now.

I have been making friends with my fellow Survivateers. It’s cool. Getting to meet new people without leaving the relative comfort of this folding chair in front of my computer.

I think that Jackass is on TV now, so I’m going to go watch it.


Quote of the Entry: “Vodka and lemonade, vodka and coke, vodka and aspirin.” – tenderpoison

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