I blog therefore I am…

“I have real feelings of ambivalence regarding the maintenance of a regular blog. It tends to cause me to reflect on life in terms of “bloggability” or “blogworthiness.” Analogous to the evil of carrying a camera everywhere you go on vacation. Attempts to capture and synopsize the “essence” of things ruin the whole experience. Hate cameras. “

[Rizzn’s Note: Don’t we do that already with our life? I mean, we all have stories from our life that we tell to everyone. Two examples to demonstrate my point, from each extreme. Most people who know me know that I don’t talk a lot. I’ve got stories about my life, but usually they are extraordinary in some respect or another. (my drug stories, my FlyDLUX stories, my Aircraft stories, Skydiving stories…. if you’ve heard these stories, you get the point). They are all true, but I have a limited number of them. On the other hand, take Rae for example. Rae was the best friend at the time of my ex-fiance. She talked INCESSANTLY. One of the first times I met her, she was werking in a breakfast house with some friends of mine, and I was sitting at the bar, so she’d come over about every four minutes and talk with me. She actually went back into the kitchen, dropped a fork or something unbreakable like that, and walks back in to the bar area and tries to pass it off as a hilarious anecdote to me while I’m sitting there. This was not atypical for her, this, I learned through extended contact with her, was her modus operandi — everything that ever happened to her was fodder for her ‘funny’ and/or ‘interesting’ anecdotes.

Do you see my point? Blogging is just another way to share information with people, in a multimedia sense. We’re simply having to make the same judgement calls we’d already be making about information as it occurs to us. We just have an uber-hip classification for the data: blog material.]

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