silencemydear: aparently another word for “doesn’t understand the phrase don’t talk to me, ever”.

I logged on just now and recieved this deluge of YIM offline messages:

silencemydear (1/16/2004 11:56:08 AM): mark, i am sorry for annoying you… i have a question though, and i dont really know how else to ask… im missing a few things, and im not sure what happened to them… i dont want to yell at little joe, because
hes an old man, so im asking whether you might have a clue
silencemydear (1/16/2004 11:57:00 AM): i figure youre just annoying me
silencemydear (1/16/2004 11:57:01 AM): er
silencemydear (1/16/2004 11:57:03 AM): ignoring me
silencemydear (1/16/2004 11:57:04 AM): sorry
silencemydear (1/16/2004 11:57:38 AM): heh…anyways, please let me know about this, because i suspect he threw out some valuable stuff
silencemydear (1/16/2004 11:58:15 AM): id hate to accuse anyone unfairly, and he really could use his job
silencemydear (1/16/2004 12:03:00 PM): fine, well its one thing to be a dickhead to me, but dont be a dickhead to the old man…he didnt do anything to you, and for gods sake, if you took the stuff, just admit it.
silencemydear (1/16/2004 12:03:38 PM): but i suppose thats like you… you wouldnt admit it even if you did, would you?
silencemydear (1/16/2004 12:03:44 PM): ugh

I ask you, dear readers (as you read the exchanges that took place between myself and my ex-girlfriend), was I unclear on the concept of please don’t talk to me ever again? And as you come back with a “Well, these are innocent questions she is asking, Rizzn…” let me point out to your attention a number of things…

1) Despite the fact that she was simply trying to pose a simple question to me, she couldn’t refrain from calling me a name. All I have to do is be breathing and alive somewhere now for me to be a dickhead.
2) I have pleaded and begged for her to not contact me over and over again, and I have made her life embarrassing for her in the hopes that when she does contact me, it carries such a negative repercussion that the contact will not occur again. Perhaps I’m not reading Pavlov’s lab notes correctly. Or perhaps she is less intelligent than a dog.
3) I left ALL of my furniture and a good deal of my computer equipment in that apartment, with a note that said I ceded all ownership to the property, sell it, go forth, and multiply, divide, or whatever, but don’t contact me ever again. If I didn’t have time to pack all MY stuff, why would I waste time stealing her trinkets?
4) She is casting blame on me once again for her own actions. In her own words, I’m being “a dickhead to the old man” by proxy because she has to yell at him (even though she doesn’t want to).

Sorry, you mal-adjusted woman, I’m not your significant other anymore and I’m not your friend. I’m not going to take the blame for your actions anymore. It’s not my fault if you yell at a hapless old man. I doubt this incident will even be the one that forces you to take accountability for your own actions, but one day, little girl, that day will come.

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