I got a memo today informing me thusly:

“…I also spoke with Rabbi M—- B—– today. Not good news. The Orthodox Union is bringing him up on charges of conspiring with FlyDLUX to defraud congregants and organizations out of money for tickets that don’t exist!”

“The scoundral Kellman from the Kollel is leading the charge against M—-. This would divest M—- of his positions in A—– as rabbi of his synagogue and head of the Vad, the board that certifies food kosher in his region and the agency that employs his wife as an inspector.”

This is outrageous. This man did nothing wrong — he didn’t defraud congregants, the accusations are baseless, and I hope Rabbi Kellman reaps exactly what he sows in this endeavor. It is HIS greedy and malicious actions that caused the problems for Rabbi B—– in the first place.

If Rabbi B—– is guilty of anything, it’s having too big of a heart. He saw an opportunity with FlyDLUX to get people to Israel for cheap, reuniting families and the like. It was simply unfortunate (for all of us involved, but Rabbi B—– and those like him especially) that Tony was a greedy theiving bastard who decided to take everyone’s money and not produce any tickets.

Very soon, I’m reposting all the FlyDLUX Tony Tapes, with highlights on the ones that indicate what Rabbi B—–‘s and Tony’s involvement was — what will be shown is that Tony is the culpable party, and Rabbi B—– had nothing to do with defrauding anyone.


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