I saw Torque last night. It was good. Albert, from the office, and I went to go see it. It was like Fast and the Furious, but on motorcycles.

Also, I enjoyed the fact that it didn’t take itself seriously.

Mostly, I just enjoyed the fact that all the vehicles in the movie went really fast, and all the girls in the movie were really hot. I can remember the story if you press the issue, but the story wasn’t really the strong point of the movie.

I really liked the bad guy’s girlfriend. She reminds me of the girl from That 80’s Show, the one named Monday. Yes, I’m one of the five people in America who watched that series. I’m probably the ONLY person in America who saved them to DivX format.

What can I say … the TV punk girl turned me on.

I’m tired now. I’m going to go sleep.

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