I just found this message in the old FlyDLUX sales account. It’s from one of my least favorite clients from FlyDLUX, Bobbye Finkelstein. No matter what we did, even when flights went through for Jennifer Link and Bobbye Finkelstein, it was never good enough. But my posting of this letter shows two things: A) That even Rabbi’s own family was affected by this, and who wants to screw one’s own family? and B) Bobbye Finkelstein is a moron.

—– Original Message —–
From: Bobbye Finkelstein
Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2004 12:18 PM
Subject: 10 months and counting


since I wired you $4,000 into your PERSONAL account at Wachovia Bank, Larry, for ticket vouchers on American Airlines. Again, I ask where our returned funds are, which now total more than $5,000, with your bogus promises of $839.00 reimbursement for New York tickets last June and your bogus promise of 2 international tickets, gratis? I will assume that after being evicted for non-payment of rent that our money was not used to pay for your housing, so how did you spend our $5,000?

Loved the news footage of you slinking away and your latke, Mark Hopkins perfecting the art of the lie.

What goes around comes around, Rabbi.


First of all, you didn’t wire $4,000 into a personal account of Rabbi’s at Wachovia Bank. Rabbi didn’t have a personal account at Wachovia Bank. We had two business accounts there.

Secondly, the two international tickets, gratis obviously would be contingent on the company being in business. Obviously it is not.

Thirdly, we were not evicted for non-payment of rent. We simply moved out of the Woodbury when we realized we were not going to be able to make the next months payment. There was no eviction. It was a month to month contract.

Fourth, and finally, like it says on the website and in every public statement we’ve issued, dear moron, the $5,000 went to James Anthony Wimmer. Ask him what he did with the money. He was who we were buying tickets from. He didn’t produce the tickets. I saw the wires, and the copies of the wires are available on the internet, currently. If you weren’t such a retarded duck, you would have found this out yourself. That you believe everything you see on TV is very telling about what your intelligence level is.

Additionally, I’d be curious to know exactly how this math works out: $4,000 + $839 > $5,000.

Finally, if you ever call me a latke (did you mean lackey?) again in public or in private and it reaches my eyes and ears, expect another public spanking like this one on my website.

I say to you good day.


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