Conspiracy: Is
Mars all about the Oil?

Posted by: Yossarian on Jan 20, 2004 – 05:37 PM
Oil Knowing that oil is made up of much carbon, the building-block element of life
on earth, I thought some time ago about why it must be so prevalent in deserts, tundras and some aquatic environments. At this point in the earth’s biological history, the lifeforce of those wasteland areas has been placed into a type of hydrocarbon storage. Which humanity of course carelessly tears through like there will be no tomorrow.

So if Mars once had life, being a wasteland now, couldn’t it be holding a lot of oil? And upon hearing of the High Cabal’s plans to put their men on Mars, and knowing of their thirst for petroleum, could it be possible that they know something they aren’t telling us?

I found this NASA article from 2000, about the future of prospecting for fossil fuels on Mars

And then this 2001 article on Petroleum News, indicating oil company involvement!

Looks to me like another attempted scam by the private sector to get taxpayers to pay for their access to natural resources, this time through NASA rather than the DoD.



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