Posted 15 Jan 2004 00:00:00 UTC

The brand new HOPE site has begun to take form. Our fifth conference is scheduled for July 9th through 11th in New York City at the Hotel Pennsylvania (where the last conference was). In the very near future, there will be speaker info, a WIKI update center, registration info, mailing lists, and a way for you to put forth your ideas for panels, projects, contests, and other fun stuff. We have a huge amount of space in the middle of Manhattan directly across the street from Penn Station. Ask anyone who went to H2K2 how much fun they had and then ask yourself if you really want to miss out this time around when we plan on making it even better.

We will announce major updates on the 2600 page. But keep checking the HOPE site as we add stuff from this point on.

[via 2600.com]
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