Old School Rizzn (from 1-28-00)
Icy Wonderful Land an Stuff

Heya diary.

Nice happy day today. My mailbox is FULL today on voicemail and I was only out one day. What is UP with that? Our company wastes $736,000 a year on voicemail. WHY? this sucks. Oh well, it’s time I don’t have to work, who cares. 😉

It’s ICY in TEXAS. Tell you friends, Texas froze over. 😉 Yesterday was particularly bad. In my burb of Dallas, there was 2 inches of ice on the ground. I didn’t go to work, as expected. Took a little personal day. Played video games, had fun.

My girlfriend, on the other hand, was coerced into going to work, had an accident, I hope it makes those mutha’s happy that made her go to work. Some dumb semi was about to run over her by changing into her lane, and she said she did about 2 360’s, car stalled (so no brakes), so she hit her e-brakes, spun around the other way into the opposing lanes, and stopped. SHe was all cryin an stuff, and people were running up to her car seeing if she was ok, beating on her windows… kinda sucked but thankfully she’s ok, and her car didn’t get fubar’ed.

I stayed home. 😉

My roommates and I are about to put out a techno dance cd. I dunno what to call it or what to call our music group (I don’t feel comfortable calling it a band since we don’t play individual instruments). So like, if you have any suggestions for names, email me with album and group name suggestions.

heh… just call me d.j. rizzn.

Damn.. just deleted 100 messages. Still have a bunch to go. THis is sooo fun.

I’m going to go back to sleep here in my cube. When I wake up I’ll write some more. 😉 Cheers!


Quote of the Entry: “I got this sub the other day. There is no news there though, I love subs and I don’t care who knows it. I love them, that’s all there is to it!”
– Andrew

Old School Rizzn (from 1-30-01)
bwaaadd, ouch-u!
dear diary,

:: in my ears – say my name – destiny’s child ::

Crackbaby and I have a roommate named Brad, and for some reason, everyone at the apartment has a habit of saying “Bwaaadd, ah thing i wuv yoo” in the most retarded voice we can muster.

Don’t ask us why.

I have to go to work at 8 tomorrow for some stupid reason. I’m upset about the whole deal. I just keep repeating to myself “Wednesday, Wednesday.”

I’m going to write some music tonight, so I’ll be unavailable for chat much of the night. But you can always write my fone.

Which reminds me, the retards cut it off this morning. They said I hadn’t paid my bill. Quite funny since it’s on DIRECT FRIKING DRAFT! how the crap am I supposed to come up with a reason to keep a bank when sh!t like that keeps happening?

I got one vote against me on the last Tribal Council. I don’t know why.

I really feel arbitrary in who I’m voting against on these tribal things. I mean, outside of Reality and the few people who took the time to write me in the beginning, I haven’t really any reason to vote for or against anyone.

Oh, and if you didn’t notice, I got a little hate note on my analyzer for no apparent reason from some chick. She said that no one will ever love me. *Sniff* You are breakin my heart sister. As our dear friend chu-chu would say – “Ow-chu!” – or something.

So with this new found depression and blackness I’m going to see if it’ll inspire a gothy song. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

When the world gives you lemons, squeeze them in their eyes.


Quote of the Entry: “Bwaaad, I thing I lub yoo.”
– everyojne at my house.