Why I Don’t Vote: i do not vote for a lot of reasons. i like to say that it really won’t make a difference, despite what some people like to say, but that is not a good enough excuse for most people. they won’t let me get away with that. as if i was trying to rob a bank.

i don’t vote because i don’t pay attention to what is going on. i don’t know who the candidates are or what they stand for. i don’t know, except in a vague sense, how the government is really run. i know it is complicated, and because it is complicated i believe that one must have a deeper interest in it, and study it, before they can make any choices concerning it. but i do not have interest in politics or government, and i have not studied it, or paid the slightest attention to it, so why should i pretend that my opinion matters? obviously it would be a very uneducated opinion, and if, as they say, my vote does matter, i don’t believe i have the right to influence the country with my ignorance.

so, i leave the voting to those more knowledgable. not that i believe my fellow class mates are knowledgable in such matters. in fact some of them stated that they were not; they believe that you must have a certain nature to be involved in politics, and critical thinkers are not in that category. and yet these speakers are registered voters… i wonder if they actually vote or are just registered, just in case…

[ via Secretrue ]

[ Rizzn’s Note: What’s ironic (and unfortunate) is the professed ignorance that prevents her from voting does not prevent most politicians from running for office ]

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