animals mostly: “Hey speaking of smart animals, I actually was going to use this for another entry, but why isn’t there a talking dog yet? I know that dogs aren’t generally smart enough to talk, but you’d think there’d have to have been like ONE at some point that was just crazy smart and figured out how to say a few words right? Even if you just think about humans, there’s such an incredible span of intelligence, where on one hand you have 13 year olds who have graduated university and are working on their PhD’s, and on the other you have whoever programs The Comedy Network, so why not with dogs? There are lots of average dogs who are smart enough to catch frisbees, bark when a fire breaks out, or lick peanut butter off my friend’s neighbour’s dad’s nuts (seriously, it happened during a surprise party for him!), so why hasn’t one figured out just like ‘Hello there’ even? It just goes to show, the animal kingdom is a vast and wonderful place, full of lazy, unmotivated dogs.”

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