East & West meet at the Twain. – by Doc Ruby (Score: 4, Interesting) Thread
“East” and “West” are terrible descriptions. California is the most West, so it’s kinda East. What about Hawaii? Australia? South Africa? The real difference is how old the society is. China has a very old society. So do Jews. Both societies are marked by lots of negotiation. Texas has a new society, as does Alaska, where individuals can get away with big moves. As societies gain collective experience, roles become established, forms have more persistence, communications are more complex and referential. While new societies take more risks, unencumbered by the lessons of past failures. 
As “civilization” has generally moved West across Eurasia and the Americas, while largely surviving culturally in earlier establishments, the “East” (starting at the Asian Pacific coast) is older than the “West”. Of course, major paradigm shifts and even genocides have distorted even that simple gradient. And the 20th Century’s cataclysm migration and telecommunications means that the meme pool has a whirlpool, swirling the cultural codes around the globe. But actual mores are encoded deep. So there is a persistent ghost of the underlying gradient. Nowadays, individuals can choose how traditional or neo they want to be in their lives. And the lack of geographic rhyme and reason is making front lines of conflict everywhere, with new syntheses in every neighborhood. Let a thousand hydroponic flowers bloom!

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