The Good Fight and The Bad War

The Good Fight and The Bad War

The proverbial barbarians are at the gates, and they appear to be breaking against the walls. “Overly dramatic” you say? Perhaps, but the servers (and my sanity) have survived the onslaught of the MyDoom virus better than I would have expected. Yay, ingenuity! (Yay, antacid!)

The virus’ purpose seems to be to be a distributed denial of service attack against SCO, who’s anti-Linux shenanigans have earned them a lot of recent press. The current thought is that MyDoom is an attack against the credibility of the Linux user base. Where previously Linux users had been portrayed as anti-American, now they can be accused of hoodlumism: “look how those bad Linux kids struck back at SCO.” *sigh*

Technical solutions are easy. You just tweak or adjust something and the problem goes away. Politics are something entirely different. If Linux looses it’s “underdog fighting the good fight” image with dirty tactics, it has lost the war.

If it turns out to be someone trying to make SCO look good, then they’re turning out to be who we always said they are.


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