1. Was co-opted into going to the swap meet thingy on Saturday.

2. Must move. Again.

3. Date saturday night (the part of the weekend I’m truly looking forward to).

4. D&D Sunday evening.

5. Who knows what Sunday Morning. Probably recovery from Saturday night.

6. Oh yeah, isn’t there a big football game Sunday evening or something?

And it’s only Wednesday/Thursday. And my weekend’s full. WTF; I implore you.

I am almost done with version 1.0 of the program from the patent I filed last month. Look for announcements here in the next couple days. Here’s a hint: the product is called JustAFax. I don’t think I came up with the name, or at the very least not all by myself. On the other hand, the development and idea was all mine.

It was rough development, and it probably shouldn’t have taken as long as it has (like three days or something), but I’ll probably be more proud of it once v1.0 is done.

The girl I met at Jason’s birthday party didn’t return my call today, but I probably caught her too late in the day. I did wait the appropriate number of days to call her (three days, I think it is?), so I didn’t come off as whatever it is you come off as when you call the next morning (eager beaver or something?).

Anyways, I’ve never met a girl in a bar and then hooked up/hit it off/whatever the kids call it these days. This should be interesting.

Plus she seems really nice.

Ahh, I’m goofy-tired. Off to bed with me.


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