Several observations from the Super Bowl last night.
1) Unintentional or not, I rather enjoyed Janet Jackson’s performance.
2) When she was behind the screen at the beginning of her performance, I could have sworn that she was her brother.
3) I think it was intentional.
4) Why am I not commenting on the game? Because neither the Bucs, nor the Cowboys played.
5) It was pretty exciting.
6) Which reminds me, I was dead on with every prediction I made about the game last night. I said, for instance, that this game is going to come down to a dramatic field goal sequence in the last ten seconds or so of the game. Fourteen seconds before the end of the game, there is a dramatic game winning field goal sequence.
7) I should try to make some money of this skill.
8) Thank goodness I missed the streaker man-ass.
9) That is all.

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