[Rizzn’s Note: Slashdot/Alterslash has an excellent Q&A session with Adam Davidson up on their sites right now combining two very interesting spheres of influence: a LUG (Linux Users Group) in IRAQ.  Quotes below.]

Answers On LUGs, Life, and Linux in Iraq – by Roblimo (36% noise) View Skip
Adam Davidson is an American reporter who has been in Baghdad for many months, and in his ‘spare time’ helped start Iraq’s first LUG. We sent him <a title="Editor’s note: Subscription or annoying ad required to view complete story” href=”http://interviews.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/01/25/1916219&tid=106″>your questions last week, and he’s replied in great detail, not only about the LUG itself but also with a rare ‘geek’s eye view’ of daily life in Baghdad, and comments about how the Iraqi IT infrastructure (and laws controlling it) are being (re)built.

[California Cybercafe Regulation Decision Released]

Activate Tinfoil Hat! – by American AC in Paris (Score: 5, Insightful) Thread
What the iLug needs most is: 
1. Money. 
2. Information. 
3. Technical help.

Free software, hackers, and Iraq, all wrapped up into the same organization? Danger! Danger! Potential terrorist organization detected!

Seems only a few weeks ago we would have run the risk of getting our asses detained for violationg the Patriot Act. Now that this part of the Patriot Act has been ruled unconstitutional, though, we’re safe to help these guys out.

<voiceover style=“announcer:campy-1950’s-sci-fi;”> or are we? </voiceover>

[via AlterSlash]

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