Milestones in Web Traffic

My website traffic has been up this month. In fact, that is an understatement. If you take any three previous months my website has been up, and you combine them, you wouldn’t get the traffic that my site has had this month. This is a Good Thing.

I attribute a lot of this traffic to the breakup of my ex and I. The day after she had me kicked out of her parent’s building, my website traffic tripled on the spot. I figured that the trend would pass, but a lot of the traffic seems to be sticky, though. I truly can’t imagine that the Slimee Ditto Heads would still be coming to my website, so I must be left to assume that they either a) love being called Slimee Ditto Heads and being the brunt of my jokes all the time (Texans: think Aggie) so they come back and visit all the time, or b) somewhere along the line, I’ve picked up a crop of readers.

Either way, I’m averaging right around a hundred unique visitors a day, after you filter out the daily hits from the search engines and the blogosphere indexers. My page rank even went up a notch with google this month.

At any rate, the following milestones have been surpassed this month: well over a million hits, nearly four gigs data transfer, a daily average of 20,000 hits a day, daily average of 100 visits per day, daily average of 10,000 files a day, and despite the fact I’ve lost a couple subsites (*grin*), I now have around 11 or so subsites.

Good times…


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