Despite allegations or indications to the contrary, I have remained resigned from, Inc. I did not re-enlist my post as CFO. Any support for the principals or creditors of FlyDLUX has been strictly pro bono work, and has been limited to turning over documentation I had in my possession during my tenure at the company.

Furthermore, all communication regarding FlyDLUX should be directed towards an email account, preferrably, as this is a personal email account, not a company email account. All calls to my office regarding FlyDLUX, unless directed from a governmental agency, will not be taken. This is not my decision, but a decision made by principals in the company I now work for. On the other hand, I will respond to emails, and I still do not wish ill will upon anyone involved in FlyDLUX in any capacity, as there is more than enough ill-fated events to go around without my spreading more of the same.


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