Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement

Just don’t tell them you went to a Community College, that’s a deal breaker. Hey, I’m just lookin’ out for you.

Sperm Donors $600-$900 Per Month

The Palo Alto Branch of The California Cryobank is seeking men of all ethnicities to participate in our anonymous sperm donor program.

By participating in our program you will receive a comprehensive health and semen analysis free of charge. You will help others fulfill dream of parenthood. In addition, upon becoming a qualified donor you will reimbursed up to $900 a month for your time.

Please apply ONLY if you meet the following criteria:

-You are betwen the ages of 19 and 38
-You hold a bachelors degree or higher, OR
-You are currently attending and have completed one year at a 4 year University (Stanford, San Jose State, Santa Clara, etc) We cannot accept applicants attending community or trade colleges.
-You are over 5’9″ and in good health
-Your sexual partners have been exclusively female
-You are a US citizen or allowed by law to work in the US

If you are interested in becoming a donor please visit us on the web at:

to read more about the program and fill out an online application.

Or, to speak with a recruiter please call 800.231.3373 ext 41.