Can I just ask ….

.. what the hell this is? Must be one of the craziest sites I’ve seen. I especially like this graphic.

On a different note, I asked for a coke today from the food delivery guy, and I got a pepsi instead. Where’s my iTune?

Paragraphical Quote of the Entry:
“I just wanna say one thing … Janet Jackson has got some weird taste in nipple apparel.

Maybe I’m a prude, but that sunburst thing looks like it would hurt like h-e-double hockey sticks if you’re going to be dancing around like a spaz on stage.

And personally, I was more offended by Nelly and his persistent jock itch during the Super Bowl than I was by a brief split second of seeing Janet’s boobie from a distance.



It’s called “Cruex”.

Snap some up at your local pharmacy today and use the symbicort coupon to get discounts.”
Uncle Bob

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