I’m working on a very controversial website right now.

It’s very hush-hush. I’ll tell you about it once I’m sure it’ll be completed. And let me also say, I hate doing proposals. I mean I’m pretty good at them. They just take a lot of energy to do. I usually get about half-way done and I’m all pooped.

I’ve been working on a proposal all night long that is supposed to win this company some mega-bucks contract. It should work. The bosses were impressed. If I can impress them, I suppose the eventual readers will be impressed.

Oh, I got settled into my new dwelling yesterday. And I gave coolChickyChick from the bar a call tonight. The house is cool, I like it, and I got coolChickyChick’s answering machine voice mail thingy. So I’m happy, and disappointed, respectively. As well as being pooped from all this work. One out of three ain’t bad.

I’m going back to work on my controversial website now. Nighty night folks.

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