There’s something very surreal about this whole scene. I think it’s just how outnumbered the soon to be terminated duckling is by the blue-suits. The Duckie seems to be saying something sassy, too… I bet he wasn’t even sick… he just ticked off Johnny Health-Law, and now he’s got to be made an example. Bad way to play it, Mr. Sassy-bill. I wonder if I think Ducks are wise guys, thanks to Cartoons? Daffy, Donald, Howard, ugh.. Baby Huey. .. are there any non-jerky primary-character ducks? (Not counting whole cities of ducks, lik ethe rest of the Disney-verse) Yakky Doodle and Dinky, maybe, but they’re third-stringers at *best*… but they are more duckling than duck, like the little guy above.

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