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Giorgio Baresi writes “As several sources are reporting, Yahoo! in the last hours dumped Google and rolled out a brand new search engine mainly based on Inktomi search technology and Overture sponsored results. On Monday Yahoo! also launched its own crawler, called “Yahoo! Slurp”, which replaced former “Inktomi Slurp”. Hey, it seems the search engine war has begun!”

Ya-who? – by WebGangsta (Score: 5, Interesting) Thread
While I know many people who use Yahoo for their tools (email, domain services, website hosting, calendar, address book, groups, etc), I don’t know many who turn to Yahoo for their search results anymore. Google (and to a lesser extent, MSN – due to their tight Windows/IE integration for the uninitiated who haven’t changed their preferences) IS becoming the defacto search engine on the web for the masses.

I think website referral logs reflect this as well. Using the y2003 visitor report from one of the websites that I manage, over 50% of search engine referrals came from Google; a little over 10% came from Yahoo. Other reports that I’ve reviewed offer similar findings.

As for the “slurp” name, since its been a familiar crawler for years (Inktomi), Yahoo would risk alienating some websites/website managers who would have to go adjust their Robots files just for the new name. (And let’s not mention those folks who don’t know how to update the Webtrends crawler ini file or their browsercap.ini files…)

On a related note: at some point, those spam-artist “Submit Your Site to 300 Search Engines” folks will be put out of business. Other than the top 7 or so, what other search engines/portals would be considered “major”? Yahoo, Google, MSN, Altavista/Teoma, All The Web, Ask Jeeves, About (out-of-date half the time), Looksmart, DMOZ. (Heck, even Lycos pulled out of search the other day)

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