Your mom is so ugly; she put her face up to a retinal scanner and got ERROR:


Your mom is like HTML a tiny <head> and a whole lot a <body>

If your mom’s intelligence were a shell script, it’d be commented out.

Your Mom is like a struct. She’s got no class!

Dim YourMom as Variant

Your Mom is so ugly she doesn’t support inheritance

Your Mom is so stupid, she uploads executables in ASCII mode.

private int yourMom = 1; private boolean isSlut = false; while(Math.random()

* yourMom < 1000){ isSlut = true; yourMom++; }

Your Mom is so fat, if she was a c variable, her initialization would look like

this: yourMom = (TFAT*) malloc(sizeof(YOUR_MOM)); //Stack Overflow

The long double numeric variable type in C++ is insufficient to express the

weight of Your Mom. J

Your Mom is so fat that she overloads her own free functions.

public boolean whore(String x) { if (x = "Your Mom") { return true;

} else { return false; }

Your Mom is so fat, the recursive function computing her fatness causes a stack


if ($your_mom eq "fat") { $slutty = "yes"; } else { $slutty

= "dog"; }

If we were to code your mom in a C++ function she would look like this: double

mom (double fat){ mom(fat);return mom;}; //your mom is recursively fat!

Let ym = Your Mom. ym/sex = 0.

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