As reported on the December 10, 2003 edition of “Off The Hook,” Kevin Mitnick, along with his co-author William Simon, has been commissioned to write a second book tentatively titled “The Art of Intrusion” which will look at mitigation and prevention of attacks by telling stories of some of the most interesting hacks ever performed. The deadline for submissions is fast approaching.

The stories will be about creative, innovative, and clever techniques used in implementation, or about attacks perpetrated on attractive targets. These stories won’t be telling anyone’s life story but rather will focus on single episodes of original hacks. The best story will receive $500 and all other ones used in the book will receive $200. A copy of both books autographed by the authors will also be included.

Details on submissions can be found at www.defensivethinking.com or you can send your submission directly to hacks@defensivethinking.com. Contributors can remain anonymous in the publication.

Mitnick will also be appearing on the radio program “Coast to Coast with George Noory” on February 10, 2004.

[via 2600.com]
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