Interesting SnotApparently, google made some very interesting analysis of my site. When you click on the related links to this site for here,, it comes up with the following list of sites: v6.0 [duh]
Cale’s Immaturity Dojo – More fun than a kick in the crotch [the tagline is absolutely right!] [a site that used to house the Monkey-Thon] [very interesting. in 1998 used to belong to this webring]
nobody home right now [the graphic on this site is from a spaceghost episode where they had to blink out for a second]
the Negapage [the site of a former listmate of mine (I have no idea if she still remembers me or not) from the Ghost Planet Mailing list. Funny thing is, she doesn’t mention me on her site. I don’t mention her on my site]
ThoughtViper [another gplister, also known as Bill the Splut. Same thing, no reciprical links]

In fact, the weird thing is that I believe this is the first time I’ve even mentioned space ghost on this website. at least in it’s current incarnation. how is my site getting cross referenced with this obscure SG references? Bizarre, I tell you. BIZARRE!


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