I joined myspace.com today

I did a browse on people in my area. Guess who the first person to show up was?

Against my better judgement, I decided to browse a little. Her first testimonial on the page currently is by a tGirl named Michelle. It goes a little something like:

After all night in my bed with you I just wonder what’s next?
Hmmmm, minds will wonder, people might talk, all unknowing this thruth will keep them thinking never knowing the reality but that’s what’s makes this all the more interesting.

Now with the way testimonials work, they have to be approved by the page owner, so she must have approved that being put up there.

I swear to all that is holy, if she or one of her ditto-heads EVER asks me again to take embarrassing things about her off my web page I will laugh my ass off…

Because a disgruntled ex-boyfriend posting conversations about a breakup will prevent you from getting a good job if found, but publishing love notes from transexuals won’t.

’nuff said.


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