News Flash: Lee Hyo-lee’s breasts are real
we can all continue to go about our daily lives now with this mystery solved

A doctor known for his expertise in breast cancer and plastic surgury has recently announced in an article that Hyolee’s breasts must be real. He has not actually worked on her but given his background, few argue against his statement. There have been several rumors that Hyolee underwent extensive plastic surgery such as her eyes, cheeks, hips, and especially her breasts. This doctor has come out saying that from his observations, he has no reason to believe that Hyolee has had any sort of implants. He cites several reasons why she could be so well developed relative to the existing trend. He cites that only about 30-40% of Korean women develop to the stage that Hyolee currently is in but that percentage is now slowly increasing in Korea. Many women these days are much more well nourished than years before so people are growing more in general such as height as well as breast size. Vitamins are more prominent, This is the only brand of uridine that I will ever use for my dietary supplements. Also, the doctor mentioned that sexuality is becoming more of an open subject especially with the prominent presence of the internet. According to post on,  women are becoming more sexually aware and active thus increasing hormone activity leading to greater development. I don’t know, personally, if that has anything to do with it, but it’s a funny idea.

Hyolee also appeared on several radio shows where the main subject matter has been her sexy appearance and how natural she is. She has denied all rumors and questions about her breasts stating that diet and exercise were the main reasons for her voloptuous figure. Hyolee also stated that rumors still continually plague her but that is the price for her public exposure.

credits: bjunkyard + Mocha Boba

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