[Rizzn’s Note: slimee still reads my site on a regular basis.  i just found her site today because I was searching thru my site logs, and she linked to me like a moron.  she wouldn’t give me this URL when we went out.  don’t know why.  don’t care.  anyways, when I found she posted about me and is so annoyed by every posting I do about her, I couldn’t refrain from annoying her further.  :)]

ok, sooooo much has gone on!!! updating necessary!!!

rizzn, who has despicable stuff written about me on his wannabe blog has written yet more!!!  it all started again because i objected to his keeping

[okay… i probably earned that one.  some of the stuff I wrote probably qualifies as despicable. But wannabe blog?  You know I get way more traffic than you could dream of.]

my full name posted (hes been openly slandering me since its been over, and now id rather not be associated with him), and asked him, via a very

[slander, once again, dear moron, is when it’s not true.  I haven’t posted an untrue thing about you on this site.  plus, it’s written.  so it’s not technically slander even if it was untrue. lay off the dead languages and concentrate on English.]

 nice private email, to remove it.  once again, he freaked, revealing that

[no, actually, i didn’t freak.  I posted it to my website to show how much of a spiteful little girl you were being, with a point by point reply that incidently was much shorter than your original letter.]

he is sub-human. he went totally overboard, polluting the internet with

[sub-human?  woman, please.]

 rambling crapola about who knows what (i didnt even read it, because it was too cumbersome and ridiculous).  however the kinds of things i understand he wrote werent only unfair, but untrue.  i have no idea what the guy believes to be reality… just so you know, its all wacked, twisted, and/or made up.

[woman, nothing here is wack, twisted, or made up.  in fact, most of the stuff on my website about you is from your own mouth, or fingertips]

maybe rejection just makes people nasty.  bleh.

[being violently insulted and verbally assaulted makes people nasty.  there’s a difference.]

the guy is a freak and a drama-queen.  he really needs to be put back on the meds his parents put him on a few years ago.  he has become the

[what meds did my parents put me on a few years back?  how does that have to do with anything going on here?]

laughing stock of my friends… i feel a little bad for him…that he is so

[I guess it is only fair that I’m the laughing stock of all your friends.  You are the butt of every other joke my friends made for a good few weeks there.  Now, we only remember you for the idiotic things you and your friends said on my website and in conversations I’ve relayed to them.

Our favorite thing to make fun of you for is when you tried to refute valid points I made by replying: “Is that what they taught you in God-School?”  We really like making fun of people we think are mentally deficient by calling them Slimee Dittoheads, because as bad as your logic and use of grammar is, your ditto heads are even worse at it.]

frustrated, so naive, and so lame… and that fact that he gets so upset he reveals that he is a prenatured ecrackulator on his own website is preeeeeetty bad.  hehe

[no, actually, that was you and your dittoheads that made that allegation.  my reply, if you recall, was you had no complaints the first month we were together when we were still having sex (around six times a day).]

  he needs to grow up.

[I don’t need to grow up.  You need to stop surfing my website if it causes you so much pain.  I shouldn’t be a concern in your life.]

anyways, i shouldnt get flustered. all i really want is for everybody to be as cool as possible. maybe someday the jerk will see everything i did for him, how much i cared, and that i never really was his enemy. perhaps

[The situation I was in with you was a typical abusive situation, Laura.  You maintained a position of power by “granting” me essential items, while trying to set up a situation where I would forever be subservient to you.  “Get a job, but not one that you enjoy or could make a lot of money at… just get one with my parents because it’ll give you just enough money to live,” and “Don’t take a temporary dwelling with someone else, take one of my parent’s apartments so I can keep my thumb on you.”

Don’t act like you were in love for me and cared for me when all you wanted was to satisfy your own sense of domination.  I ceased being someone you loved and cared for when you started viewing me as someone to dominate.  I was the fool for letting that happen.  You are the fool for believing your own propaganda.]

the price of being friends is too high for some of us to pay, right? even

[I can’t be friends with someone who continually shows me flaunts to me her disrespect.  Give up on that one.]

now, i dont wish him any harm… …just that maybe he drops dead 😀

[Um, you do know I could construe that as a death threat.  Y’see, I was very careful in what I wrote on my site, not to state anything untrue.  You obviously have no catch between your brain and your fingertips that keeps you from getting yourself in trouble.

Nice to know what your true feelings are.  My suggestion is that you keep your feelings bottled up inside if you wish I should die, or at least don’t put them on the internet — unless you want to go to jail.]

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