It was a smashing success last night. No serious technical difficulties, and I didn’t feel like the show was completely boring, and callers called in, and I got a great deal of positive feedback.

What?!  You missed the show?  Doofus.

Click Here for the Archived Copy of the show.  You can stream it or listen to it.  You may have to register a username with AcidPlanet for that, but they don’t spam you so don’t worry.

No less than four people have written me and called me and walked in my office today apologising for missing the show last night.  Given that fact, I’d say that our listenership was pretty good, as we surpassed last week’s numbers.

It could have been due to this great article Buzz wrote about us for Cam-Mafia’s home page. 

At any rate, that’s all the self-congratulating I can stand for this morning.  Talk to you later.

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