Proxity Developing VSTOL Type UAV
New Orleans – Mar 10, 2004
On Alert Systems, Inc., subsidiary of Proxity Digital Networks, Inc. has formed a new operating subsidiary, Cyber Aerospace Corp. The new subsidiary is currently developing vertical take off and landing (VSTOL) versions of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) that perform specialized missions.

Cyber Aerospace’s first generation models are called individual unmanned air scouts (IUAS). When fully developed, Proxity notes that their Cyber Aerospace IUAS will operate in multiple settings including congested urban and jungle environments, where it is unsafe for conventional UAVs, as well as in desert and mountainous terrain.

IUAS will perform traditional UAV surveillance, border patrol, and wide area search and sensing missions but unlike other UAVs, the IUAS are designed to be amphibious, capable of taking off and landing on land or water. IUAS could operate new and innovative clandestine reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition and perform hunter killer missions.

As “sleepers”, IUAS would fly to a location, land and use their own power to operate surveillance monitoring activities. In battlefield situations, this may be a great key to the surprise of enemy elements. With the vertical takeoff and landing (VSTOL) capabilities of a helicopter, IUAS would be able to launch and return without a runway, enabling deployment from small, concealed locations, naval ships, and building rooftops.

When fully developed the IUAS should have the high-speed forward flight of a fixed wing airplane, thus long-range over-the-horizon operations would be remotely piloted or flown autonomously. With the ability to monitor pipelines, power plants and strategic targets, IUAS could potentially give Homeland Security forces a 24/7 real-time picture.

The IUAS is being designed with an open access airframe fuselage that can be rapidly field-configured with a wide array of cameras, sensors, weapons, and instruments. Their multi-use platforms have applications for Military Warfighters, Homeland Defense, Firefighting, Security, Surveillance and First Response teams.

Proxity Digital CEO Billy Robinson stated, “Two versions of IUAS are planned: a micro and a mini. The micro will be hand-carried into battle by a warfighter or into a civilian situation by a SWAT team member. Estimated to weigh 10 lbs., it is a 30 in. X 40 in. Vehicle that will hold a camera and 2 lb. Payload, explosives or sensing devices.

The mini is being designed to be a 60 in. X 70 in. Vehicle with real time communication and a 30lb# payload of equipment or explosives. Both units are estimated to be priced low: approximately $25,000 for the micro and about $75,000 for the mini. And may be scaled for special operations assignments. We anticipate proof of concept to be confirmed in 30-60 days.”

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