Pledgers Get STDs

“U.S. adolescents who pledge not to have sex until they are married have about the same rate of sexually transmitted diseases as other teenagers and they often fail to keep their pledge, according to a study… The study, funded largely by the National Institutes of Health, found that these teenagers were also less likely to use condoms when they did have sex because they had not paid attention to sex education. Because of their ignorance about sexually transmitted diseases, ‘pledgers’ were also less likely to seek medical help if they contracted one of the diseases… The study found that pledging did succeed in delaying sex, reducing the number of partners and led to earlier marriages but it did not reduce the rate of sexually transmitted diseases.” If you are a parent of a teenager then why not get them condoms just in case. Click here to see the best condoms to get. — (US)] (read more)

[via PervScan]
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