[rizzn’s note: I’ve always had a thing for Janeane, and I’ve always found her funny. I have to admit she appears to have sold out her sole to the Air America radio network. Not that I won’t listen to her, but I think she’s sorta sold out. At any rate, love her or hate her, you’ll enjoy this roast given to her by the New York Press.]

Right-Thinking from the Left Coast – Janeane Garofalo, Comedienne/Activist

“OHMIGOD. IT’S RIDIC,” exclaimed the daughter of an Exxon executive when asked about the backlash against her born-again activism. Less ridic is the ditzy disdain this liberal Dennis Miller with tits has for the rest of humanity. “Evil is in the face of every frat guy that ever raised a beer cup and went whoo-hoo,” Garofalo once observed in a tv plug. But that was before her political phase, so maybe Janeane’s evil bar has been raised. In a 1996 Playboy interview, Garofalo explained: “I don’t want to see Friends anymore, even though I am friends with some of the Friends.” She’s a name-dropper who claims to hate the names; a counter-culturist who likely reads Adbusters over a Starbucks mocha latte; a muddled activist who protested Bill Clinton’s bombing runs—at least starting in 1998—but still hangs a picture of the man on her wall (she’s shaking his hand). “I never imagined that I would never care about dumb things anymore. I never imagined I’d be a person who could transcend that kind of nonsense,” she told the Progressive. We never imagined a second-rate comic could so bug the shit out of us.

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