I’m on cam-mafia right now broadcasting my Blueplate Speshul.  Today it’s Amen Andrews (v.1 : soup) and DAT Politics.

Amen Andrews bio/faq can be found here

DAT Politics:

The group was formed in october 1998 and are a 4 piece unit based
from the northern French city of Lille.

Three of the group?s members have been operating for several years under the name Tone Rec with 3 albums on the SubRosa label from Bruxelles, Belgium.

Dat Politics was simultaneously discovered by the London, UK based label Fat Cat and the Cologne, Germany based A-Musik label, who released their first records.
After that they started their own label Skipp.

They’re an all-laptop quartet mixing click-beats with glitch-melodies and sounds, but they sound very unlike most other laptop musicians. Their music is a mixture between minimalism, electro – pop- acoustic & reconstructed techno, with a very joyful and humorous touch to it.

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