I’m listening to AirAmerica now, doing my homework.  Randi Rhodes is talking about how The Passion of the Christ was homo-erotic.

They need to get better streaming servers.  They have more hiccups in their stream than a crackhead has sob stories.  And they need to learn how to maximize their volume levels so I don’t have to keep fiddling with my volume knob every time a commercial comes on.  I haven’t heard a single paid commercial yet, either, so I bet their rates are pretty cheap.  I’m going to look into advertising my site on their network.  I’m not exactly liberal in the same way they are, but I am a hit-whore, so it should balance out.

And holy cow! they need to fix their phone lines!  As rough as my show is, we have less technical difficulties than they do.

I’m not getting her obscure reference between Condaleeza Rice in a bunker on 9/11 and Silence of the Lambs.  She’s talking about body language on Condaleeza Rice, and mentioning that if someone touches their nose when they talk, their lying.  Actually, it’s a sign of nervousness, which means the could be lying.

Now this was the stuff I tuned in for… she’s actually getting to the conspiracy theory stuff.  She’s talking about 9/11 and Bush.  Stuff I’ve already heard and researched, but still interesting to listen to. 

Ah well, got called on to fill in for another DJ on Cam-Mafia today, so I’ll give more info on AirAmerica when I listen again.  Altogether wasn’t an uninteresting listen.

Quote of the Entry:
<PhD> my pokemon brings all those nerds to the yard
<PhD> and they’re like, do you wanna trade cards?
<Menace> damn right–i wanna trade cards. i could train you, but i’d have to charge

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