<Lola-Dyke> riz, follow me here –
<Lola-Dyke> how to get a camgirl naked
<riz> okay
<Lola-Dyke> 1: money for random stupid wishlist gifts
<Lola-Dyke> 2: tell her no one will see it
<ypos> Im more of a money girl myself
<ypos> I have enough crap
<Lola-Dyke> 3: tell her she’s the only one you want to see nudes of, afterall, she’s the only girl who makes you hot
<Lola-Dyke> (PS, mya, you’re the only girl who makes me hot)
<Lola-Dyke> 4: never give up
<ypos> and my tits are so “rare” i sell them for 100 bucks each
<ypos> and their brandys
<PhD> lola’s a pro at this
<riz> clearly
<ypos> ahem
<ypos> Cam girls ways to get money without getting skanked
<ypos> 1. Find a skanky friend and get pictures of her boobs with no head, put up and fight about giving them away so teh idiot pays more then anyone ever should for tits
<ypos> 2. Ask for payment in advance and then “crash” (crash = block button)
<ypos> 3 Say you’re going live charge 20$ per person, say youll shoe pussy and then leave the cam on your 30lb cat for half an hour
<ypos> 4. pretend you’re a dom and TELL them to pay you (it works more then youd think)
<Kaylee> lmao

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